3 months

This program prepares your expatriate and helps you for a successful management of his/her return.

At the end of his/her expatriation, your employee has already capitalized from his/her experience, he/she is fully aware of his/her assets, his/her capacities and his/her expectations for the next.
Being guided through this program, he/she submit you consistent professional project matching both his/her evolution and what you can offer internally.
You can then focus on the right positions or build appropriate intermediate steps. Fully committed in his career plan, he/she better convinces all stakeholders.
His communication is crisp and clear, he is well prepared for interview and he/she gets the job quickly.
You make this return a part of his/her career development and turn his/her expatriation into a win-win experience.


 L’accompagnement comprend:


crochets2A kick-off meeting with the company to overview the overall objectives and validate the key steps.

crochets2A kick-off meeting with the employee to review the program and the objectives.

crochets210 sessions with personal tutored homework before end (professional biography, analysis of professional evolution, highlighting competencies, skills and specific strengths, in-depth work on achievements reached during expatriation and building a professional project after expatriation).

crochets23 sessions focused on communication to sale out his/her project.

crochets21 session to pass internal interviews successfully.

crochets21 session to facilitate his/her reintegration and re-build his/her own internal network.

crochets2Methodology and course materials for each step of the assessment.

crochets23 personality tests on: analysis of professional identity, communication style and management style. Face to face debriefing of the results with a written summary report, highlighting alignment with professional project.

crochets2Unlimited emails communication with expatriate during the program.

crochets2Debrief meeting at the end of the program as agreed during kick-off meeting.




The program follows a rigorous methodology. It combines empathy and open-minded spirit, leading your employee to be an actor of his/her future in a quick, efficient and sustainable manner.
This program is designed through the use of Visio conference in order to enhance flexibility and efficiency. Refer to « Expatriates testimonials ».


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